Kentucky Derby

The horse I bet on came in 2nd.

The winner;

So the horse was bought for $9,500 which is unheard of. The others on the track were priced at about $95,000.
The trainer drove 1700 miles in a pickup truck with a small trailer and a shattered leg.
The horse had odds of; 50:1.
The jockey is good and definitely a southern boy, it was awesome to see how much it meant to him to win. He cried because both of his parents had passed away and weren't there to see it. He then proceeded to walk the length of the crowd, giving everyone high fives.

Watch the inside rail.
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Kentucky Derby

What the f.
I'm starting my yearly homework of horse racing. There are a few horses racing this year on May 2nd that are promising;

I Want Revenge
Pioneer of the Nile
Mr. Hot Stuff
Chocolate Candy
and Dunkirk.

There are quite a few horses running this year too.

I will post who I like the best after more research has been done.
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We just went to see our friends/neighbor's band the Tan Vampires play at Muddy River Smokehouse... They were amazing. We're planning a house party for Saturday Feb.28th. We're hoping they'll play along with Breakfast Song, and Pureile (sp?). Might be selling a few of our project horses in order to get 2 or 3 nice lesson horses. :) Got another raise at work.
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Joe and I went and saw the movie Defiance. Go see it. Seriously.
For those of you who don't know what it is about... its the true story about 3 Polish
brothers who rescue 1200 Jews by hiding them in the forest.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. Working. Riding. My friend from Germany will be here on March 1st. :)

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So my birthday is the day before my friend Serina's bday. We've decided to celebrate on Saturday March 13th. We are going to the Boston Museum of Science, then lunch, then the aquarium. I know
its a ways off, but if you want to go, let me know! This includes you SKYE!!!!!!

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So we ventured out for some muffiny goodness. While cleaning off my new car, I glance over and see a MAIDS car. Who should be sitting in the passenger seat, but Lissa. My brain froze. I haven't seen her since the break up. My first thought was, why am I not ripping the door off and beating her head off of the pavement? Then I realized, I just don't care. A VERY small portion of myself actually smiled as I drove away, and had/have to admit that I missed the times we shared as best friends. *sighs*

Got a 2 year old Appy filly named Echo. (she is almost orange)
Got a 4 year old Welsh/Thoroughbred named Maddy. (Grey and white) She is a biter due to the
lack of herd behavior lessons. She was found in a basement next to her dead mother as a foal.
Got a 4 year old Bay Thoroughbred named Aspen.

Pictures to come soon.

I've been sick since Christmas evening. Though Christmas was awesome.
Spending the New Year I think with Mandy, Leo, and Maria, maybe Backpack B.

Work is going awesome, I got a raise!

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So Esme, Dr. Cullen, and Rosalie are all how I pictured them. Emmette is EXACTLY how I pictured him. Jasper is quite gorgeous. Edward was casted well, extremely well actually.
Bella however.... Is Kristen acting awkward b/c Bella is awkward, or because she is a terrible actor? I also heard she hasn't even read the books!

I got offered a trip to South Africa. Why the f would I want to go there? It is a rather racist area, and not to mention cannibalism. Though I'm sure most people have died from kuru anyway.

2 people were shot at Toys-R-Us.

"I'm sorry son, mom won't be home for xmas this year because she shot someone over the last transformers toy. You can see her in prison though, isn't that great!"

There should be a law prohibiting stupid people to gather in groups over 5.

Joe's band is playing tonight and on December 20th. :)
Riding Tantrum and Willow tomorrow.