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Past weekend....

Called Maria, Pet and I ended up going hiking. That was fun.
Climbed the watchtower but once I got to the top I curled up into a ball. For those of you who are afraid of heights, do you ever just feel like jumping off? Not suicide, but more 'to get it over with' type of thing? It sucks.
Maria spotted 5 or so ravens at the top.

Maria-"Ravens are lonely birds, why are there so many?"
Me-"Maybe they're Greek!"

Saw a Vulture or two, picked some blueberries and got rained on.
Of course by the time we got to the bottom, the sun was out.
We have to take you Canadian kids there when you come.

Went swimming after picking up Lissa. Pet was a wuss and didn't go in. Jogged the trail to the spot where Matt was waiting with the canoe so we could get to the island.
Built a fire, made hot dogs/smores....goodtimes.
Lit off some fireworks.
Got to ride on a 'party boat' on the way back while Matt hung onto the side while in the canoe.
Went to Hampton beach with Ben and his two friends.
Saw fireworks in Rochester.
Saw fireworks in Dover. (And part of Portsmouth).
Went back to the beach where we played games and I got bubbles!
So yeah, a pretty cool weekend.
Going camping this weekend and possibly hiking next weekend with my dad.

When are you guys coming down?