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2nd horse show!

To elaborate from my previous post....

My horse is still lame, though the farrier thinks I should start riding her, even if it's just walking. WELL... I can't lunge her b/c the vet doesn't want her going in circles yet and have her hurt the tendon even more. She hasn't been ridden in almost 3 months. Not to mention the fact that she is uber touchy with leg pressure. Thus, I won't be riding her until she can be lunged first. My trainer has agreed.

My previous horse show (in May) was on a horse named Harkness. We did 3 classes. Walk/Trot/Canter, equitation over fences, and something called 'gamblers choice'. We took 2nd place in all 3 classes.

My next show I'm hoping to do even better! Wish us luck! I'll post pictures afterwards.

My best friend, and my horse (Peek-A-Boo)

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